Best Chinese laptop manufacturers

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Most Chinese firms for the production of equipment are not so widespread in the world market and do not have official sales representatives, but many of them produce and supply components for large corporations, so the quality of products is carefully controlled.

Among the popular Chinese electronics manufacturers, experts identified several firms:

Jumper is a well-known company, one of the local leaders in the manufacture of electronics, both industrial and private use. The company was founded in 1982, for the first few years it was engaged in the development of various electronic circuits for household appliances.

Zeuslap – the last few years, the brand has been producing computer equipment: tablets, laptops, components for smartphones. One of the directions of the firm’s work is the assembly of matrices for screens, the study of color rendition. Gmolo is one of the largest Chinese computer corporations, engaged not only in the assembly of appliances for household use, but also in the development of local area networks for mass use.

Itsohoo is a company specializing in the development and sale of personal computers for home use, as well as assembling models of gaming computers. The brand is known to organize many experiments to determine the most optimal components for maximum PC performance.

Hasee is a company founded in 2003 and has been striving to enter the Russian electronics market over the past 2-3 years. The firm offers monitors, laptops, small household appliances, electronics at affordable prices. Yepo is a small consumer laptop company. Their products do not perform well, but users note excellent design and build models. The company’s store also sells accessories (covers, chargers, etc.).

Toposh is a little-known company that, nevertheless, has a large assortment of goods: from stationery to large-sized household appliances. Despite the fact that the company is Chinese, it has the support of a German corporation in the form of some components, which increases the prestige of the brand and the quality of the manufactured electronics.

Xiaomi – the company is the largest corporation that has long entered the world market and has become a leader in the production of smartphones and home appliances. Its products also include accessories for personal computers and tablets.

It should be noted that most of the presented manufacturers’ laptops have the technical ability to improve their characteristics (memory capacity, increase in the number of ports, etc.). Experts recommend making all modifications in official services.